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Are you a real Indian?
A real Indian is In Dhyan


das Eine Auge
sieht alles ausser sich selbst-
sieht sich in Allem,-
sieht kein nicht-selbst,
‚selbst’ löst sich auf mangels kontrast,
‚Sehen’ bleibt bestehen’

The One Eye
sees everything except itself-
sees itself in all,
sees no no-self.
Self dissolves for lack of contrast,
‘Seeing’ remains


who are we ?
elusive, ever elusive,
bis zur Offenbarung von Liebe im Augenblick,
im Blick der Augen




Tara wisdom-

Question: ‘Where do thoughts come from?’
Answer: Right here – where the ‘Where’ arises. Jump onto this Where without delay!
Catchsee it,- as it arises out of nothing, like a fish jumping out of bubbling waves.
See, how waves change form to be anything else instantly.
There - right here - is the Lions lair.
Hunting the Lion to his lair –
and he simply dissolves .



Mantra of the Mystics:
OM Mani Padme Humor

Wowed by those dogods...


First he looked confused*

I could not lie anymore so
I started to call my dog “God”.
First he looked confused,

then he started smiling,
then he even

I kept at it: now he doesn’t even bite.

I am wondering if this
might work on





A delirious gang*

A delirious gang
of club-bearing ants surrounded an elephant’s house
and started shouting,

“You better watch out!”

I understand exactly what the elephant then thought:

Scholars you are lucky
I am always
in a good


Landlocked in fur*

I was meditating with my cat the other day
and all of a sudden she shouted,
“What happened?!”

I knew exactly what she meant, but encouraged
her to say more - feeling that if she got it all out on the table
she would sleep better that night.

So I responded, “Tell me more, dear,”
and she soulfully meowed:

“Well, I was mingled with the sky. I was comets
whizzing here and there. I was suns in heat, hell-I was
galaxies. But now look-I am
landlocked in fur.”

To this I said, ”I know exactly what
you mean.”

What to say about conversation between



The grass beneath the tree is content
and silent.

A squirrel holds an acorn in its praying hands,
offering thanks, it looks like.

The nut tastes sweet;
I bet the prayer spiced it up somehow.

The broken shell falls on the grass,
and the grass looks up and says,
And the squirrel looks down and says:

I have been saying ’Hey’ lately too,
to God.

Formalities just weren’t





Here and Now

whats the New Way ?

no way ?
Wu Wei?
Nuveau ?
new,- Wo?
No where?
and nothing, my dear ?
neither Norway,
nor wordplay ?
just This,
now and here ?


Rabia al Adabyia
A vase*

I am always holding a priceless vase in my hands.

If you asked me about
the deeper truths of the path
and I told you the answers,

it would be like handing sacred relics to you.

But most have their hands tied behind their back;
that is- most are not free of events their eyes have seen
and their ears have heard,
their bodies have felt.

Most cannot focus their abilities
in the present, and
might drop
what I said.

So I’ll wait; and I don’t mind waiting
until your love for all
makes luminous
the Now.


nothing compares to holding the Beloved´s hand in silence


bridge of silence
schick ich Gedanken auf den Weg zu Dir
stehen die Götter laechelnd Spalier

Antwort dann Stille- heitere Ruh,
-auch die Goetter schliessen die Augen zu-

:at ease and at home, egal wo in der Welt,
hierjetzt an der Quelle,- nichts, was da fehlt


A house in the clouds near lake Mansarovar
with Kailash’ s mystical majesty radiating pure essence :
nothingness’ luminous presence !

clouds passing by,
house passing by,
lake and mountain, mere casualties of time !
and luminous presence and nothing and essence
merge and disappear –
into now and here



Fare for the ferryman
Q: What do we take from here to our next life?
A: We take silence, bliss, moments of deep love
- our existential understanding.
The more understanding the more compassion,
two sides of the same coin. This coin pays for the karmic bill.
Make sure you have one on your tongue for the ferry man.

immer Meer

GROSSE Wellen im Sekundentakt :
das Meer wird immer mehr !
Ein Mensch -sein Körper- freut sich sehr,
in frische Freude eingepackt
entsteigt verjuengt den schnellen Wellen,
-in gleiss'gem Surf, in überhellem weissem Licht,
durch rausch’ge Gischt und kornig’ Sand –
bestapft, betanzt das neue Land

Zeitlos verlor’n im Jetzt,
gedankenlos und leicht,
unbegründet, un-erreicht,
nur als Geschenk der Existenz :
zu sein, der nackte, pure Mensch,-
schwebend, gebend im Empfangen
der Gegenwart - und kein Verlangen

no shore, no other shore
this shore : the other shore
right here, right now





Just sit here right now*

sit here right now.
Don’t do a thing. Just rest.

For your
separation from Divine Nature
is the hardest work in this world.

Let me bring you trays of food and something
that you like to

You can use my soft words
as a cushion
for your

Targeting now

Ordinary aiming = missing
Cleverly missed : shoot and draw a target around the arrow afterwards
Love : let go of aiming – falling into the lake of the heart
–a target appears in concentric ripples


Im Kaleidoskop des Bewusstseins wird die Welt zum Mandala




-----------------------in the world ------------------------



Can you see it? How Phenomena,
approaching in endless queues,
materialise out of bleak deserts,
take shape and claim substance-
From dawn to dusk,
a stream without end,
pushing each other, urging:
”Give way, I’ll take over!”

History in a nutshell:
                    (from a 23rd century history disc)

            The United World Administration
had implemented
        - The worldwide Baby License regime,
        a test like an advanced driving license,
- The population ceiling act, ratio of
    human habitation: km2 of fertile lands,

                      - Conversion of all meat production lands in agro lands,
                       thereby tripling the food value generation of those lands,
                      - CO2 reduction, respectively Oxygen restoration through
            afforestation of the formerly denuded Amazon basin,
   the Himalayas and the South East Asian zones,
- The complete independence from fossil fuels,
   through DSP -desert solar panelling- and through
installation of atomic fusion reactors worldwide,
   - saltwater convertion plants of gigantic proportions,
and and…
                                   It was the best we could come up with using our rational understanding.
                                      and yet – there was no way stopping corruption, exploitation and violence.


from a 25th century history disc:

After centuries of barbaric wars and the loss of billions of lives
we got the point.

This world, all our economies, prospered easily
once Meducation helped us to understand
how to transform the craving for personal profit
by understanding who we are.

We won the cosmic jackpot.
Fear and violence vanished.
Transcending greed for economic freedom,
we experienced this freedom for the first time.

Without Meducation –
holistic education, the center of which is meditation -
we would have seen just further destruction of ourselves,
nature and everyone’s resources.

Leider erst mal:

Privatisierung der Luft nur eine Frage der Zeit

Till the doctor comes:
The program programs you, reprograms the programmer too.

Ersatz Religion, Psycho-Kult,
imago black magic, Ur Kult - Kultur

Controlled by your remote control
und aufgewaermten Abziehbildern,
die in deinen Träumen wildern,
schlägt dich das Bild in Bann –
Faszination erwischt dich schon.
Es fragt sich nur, wieso, seit wann
ist dieser Kult nur blanker Hohn?!

Wen lässt du deine Meinung lenken,
dir mit Kalkül den Kopf verrenken?!

Am Abend abgefüllt mit Mord,
- die Nacht schickt wirre Traum Schimären-
dann morgens blass zur Arbeit, dort
wird sich dann selbig Kreislauf jähren.
Die Kult Uhr tickt, der Sprengsatz liegt
in deinem Herz und kann nun jederzeit
in wüste Leere, wilden Wahn dich ziehn..

Wo medialesGift obsiegt, sind Schwache bald bereit
zu morden dich und sich – dem Kult entfliehn


Totgesagte leben länger,
take care, teddybear !
zum 'Sterben' muss einer erst reif sein,
take care, teddybear !
sonst wird’s nicht nur bang, sondern bänger-

greif nicht zu früh nach dem Wahrheits Wein,
sonst wirkt er nicht- ein Flopp!
Sonst könnt’ so mancher tele preacher und sein shop,
posing with borrowed knowledge, billigem Getue,
betrügen dich um Licht und Ruhe.

Du sagst, du seist Reborn schon jetzt ?
Bevor das Ego restlos zersetzt ?
take care teddybear !

(deine Gewähr)

He who calls himself
is not a Khan.
Afghan Proverb

A Sufi is no Sufi.
Ibn Arabi

A Zen man is no Zen man.

Very rare exceptions can learn to walk on water

They say that even with a fake teacher a really sincere student
can learn to witness mind-motions.

For the business community

The best exchange ever:
You and I for eternity,
me and mine for mystery,
when and then for Now,
why and how for THIS,
god and dog for a moonlight kiss

von Generation zu Generation
Vorurteile, Verurteilungen



reason and logic– what a whore,
just good 4 ‘a reasonable war’,-
get out of the line of ‘friendly fire’,
mensch mayer !
get out of a brain that reasons in vain !
just let it go-
just so




Crooks ‘n crocs ‘n politics
My creed (for power, influence and money):
Let bees collect,- I’ll eat the honey!
Crying by night for love that passed me by,
I’ll admit defeat just before I’ll die.

( You say I could change if I’d drop my hype-
You’d see a ray of light for every type )

But I was
trained to fashion just sophisticated bile.

And it takes a while
for a crocodile
to smile..




Lawyers / Recht:
Du magst Recht gehabt haben,
doch durch die Lieblosigkeit,
mit der du es eingefordert hast,
wurde es verwirkt


St. Thomas Aquinas
The mandate*

..when the divine realm asked me to govern it
with one simple
I looked into His eyes and then knew
what to say to any angel
who might serve as a sentry to
No creature should be
turned away.





7 poems with a * (right side of page) are excerpts from:
Love letters from God,
Twelve Sacred voices from the East and West.
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky, published by
Penguin Books

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