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Compilation from the albums:
Eventide,'94 - In Love with Life,'93 -
Vibrant Silences,'99 - Out of the Blue,'92

 L. Subramaniam, Violin  -   Hariprasad Chaurasia, Flute   -  Devaki Pandit, Vocal

Sunil,  Sitar -    Amano Manish,  Indian slide guitar -  Sri NivasSaraswati veena
ZhubinKemanche, Duff -   
Amareesh Leib,  prod., rec., keyboards, Ney and

other instruments                          A rainbow album of many shades and stiles
East-West fusion Classics  -   compilation 2 

 Wu Wei  - 

Musical fragrance for

Therapy, Yoga, Relaxation  Meditation and Healing

KyotakuAmasonnuBansuri, Chinese- and Suling flutes,

Surbahar- Indian bass Sitar, Tibetan bells, Overtones,

Syntheziser colorations, rare forest birds and

environmental sounds from south Indian

wild life sanctuaries -  An ambient

soundscape by Amareesh

Vibrant Silences

                 Cosmusic Circle of Friends,

           various international players, rec. in India
        Smooth and organic east-west fusion grooves
         as well as slower, meditative offerings with
Rudra Veena, Indian Slide Guitar, Guitar, Ney,  Shenay,
 Bansuris, Keyboards, Duff,  Dolak, Drums, Percussions,
 Tibetan bells, Didge, Saxophone, Kemanche,


An all time favorite east-west album - meditative and ecstatic
with an emphasis on classical Indian flute played by
Hariprasad Chaurasia

keyboards, rec., production by A.L., including
 H.U. Schachtners  “dancing horses“ track
.'89 , remastered 2000
 “Love - encoded in sound“

East-West milestones


rec.'91, remastered 2000
The twin to "Now", more upbeat.
A path-breaking album which has
inspired many musicians and producers.
: Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
 all other instruments, production, rec. by A.L.
Joyful, energetic as well as meditative tracks

    AOOMH   ( I )

    Compilation from east-west fusion albums
   recorded in India between '90 and '95

   Hariprasad Chaurasia -Flute,    Ustad Sultan Khan -Sarangi
   Devaki Pandit
– Vocal,           Brji Narayan Sarod,
   Faruq Khan
Shenay,       Hindraj Divekar Rudra Veena,
Leib– Keyboards and other instruments, prod., rec.
East-West Fusion Classics                                 compilation 1

Three Meditations

                                                                                                                                                 Remastered original rec.s
 1- Chakra Charge Meditation
2– Dervish Whirling
3- Tibetan Overtone Meditation
With Lama Geshe Rigya, main singer,
Sera Jhe Monastery of Karnataka and
Sunder Komala, an overtone singer from
Brazil, Booklet for all meditations included
rec. '95
 inneractive CD–OM

     Zorba`s jampot 4 de kidz:

    E. T. P.

    Wild flowers  from the cosmusic circle of friends
    Santoor and keyboards, Ud,  Bansuri, Nay, Guitars,
   Drums, percussions, Synths, loops, lots of voices and lots
   of rare ethnic instruments -
live and with samples
experimental album rec. in India '97

international players,
   Indian orchestra,
Santoor and Flutes, Spanish Guitars,
   slide Guitar, and
and...   Flamenco, Bosanova... all dancing
   with the magical flute of Hariprasad Chaurasia
rec. in India '96   

 Tantra  Relaxation

recorded between '77- '87

- Saiduddin Dagar, Drupad on Tibetan bells, 
- Keshav Ginde,, 12 Raga miniatures, big C Bansuri,

   - Prayer Meditation, the original (P1) by K. Wiese and A.L.,

-  Pravira, Violin,   Laxman Baul,  Vocal, Ektara , and others

Except for the Prayer Meditation a previously unpublished treasure
Devotional / Meditation music



    -    "Golden Moments" DVD copy of a 16mm movie for PAN Film Bombay, -private use only-
a poetic documentary showing scenic Canacona coasts before they were degraded by
      "tourism development". 
 Direction/ Cut: A.L., Camera: Jörg Schmid Reitwein and A.L.,
      Editing studio: Sahara (Vivek).  Shot in 1993, length: 35 min., without commentary, cut along
east-west fusion tracks with Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and Dr. L. Subramaniam
reproduction cost + mailing charge

  -    Meditours, meditative trekking in India´s S-W coastal Ghats - see Meditours page

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Amareesh Leib    - 'Amaresh' - 'Ama'

                                                                                                                  Booking Amareesh Leib for
 Meditative Concerts in spas, resorts, therapy groups
-   songs or poetry readings with music as well as for studio recordings   

  gyant squirrel cp cosfoto a.r.r.  red panda cp cosfoto  Gaur Nilgiri hills
contact for assistance with
your private tour in Sikkim or in the South Indian Ghats  (other than Meditour groups)
   -  movie shooting, helping you with:  locations, translation, script, camera work, still photography

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