Trekking and Meditation Tours in South India

From about middle of December to April / Mai every year since ’99 we organize tours
to -what’s commonly called- power places in the pristine nature of the south western Ghats,
the coastal mountains of South India, one of 25 zones with the planets highest biodiversity.
Previously  few  Westerners  had  taken  time  to  actually  explore  these  parts,  since roads
were few and accommodation hard to get by. This has changed a bit in recent years.
Before the natural treasures will disappear you can have a taste of this paradise.
Trekking/ walking hours per day vary between 2 - max. 6 hours
We conduct 3, 5 and 10 day tours through
mountain forests, sanctuaries, and
the very few undisturbed beaches,
mainly in Karnataka, also in selected parts
of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, - scenic lakes and waterfalls.
Altitudes visited vary between sea level and up to 2000 m high mountain locations,
according to season and tour duration. Age no bar - as long as you are fit enough.
Participants number 6-8 persons, including Amareesh and Shola, who function as
facilitators, having spent many years exploring these parts of India.
We conduct easy going meditative trekking excursions
rather than just touristy sightseeing tours.
From a number of contemporary meditations,
Vipassana, -Sitting and Walking in awareness-
fits very well especially with trekking in nature.
This gentle meditation method was devised by the Buddha,
walking 41 years with his monks through a quite wild northern India
and who needed a meditation technique suitable for people on the move,
as well as for people sitting and resting. A modified Vipassana trekking meditation
dissolves civilisational  tensions  we carry, the existential anxiety that has crept into
the very bone of the societies we live in.  It peels  off layers   of habitual   personality.
After which we finally experience expanding inner and outer senses as they start to grow
towards higher or deeper dimensions of being.

Meditative  trekking  /  a glimpse of Vipassana,  a non ascetic approach  -  the method in short:


 On most days:1-2 sessions of alternately
35 min. of walking and 35 min. of sitting
During  those sessions  we will  keep
while observing the breath flowing in.. out..
when sitting, staying
aware of the breathing
- breathing being intrinsically connected to all mental processes: thinking,
day dreaming,  emotional reactions,  compulsive imaginations and the like -
and when walking, staying
aware  of   the   walking.
This  way     you  find  yourself  shifting  from  thinking,     being  the  thinker,
towards watching,   being a witness of the mental process   in its many shades.
Eventually still awareness of mental movement as such happens effortlessly:
Let  the  way  walk  you!
A habit of maybe many lifes,  an unconscious fascination,
the automatic identification with the thinking process,
is fading out… by and by… gaps…are fading in…
still awareness spreading through your being-
to be deeply at ease, now and here

A fresh cup of tea

to  celebrate  life  in  the  company of  dedicated  nature  lovers
in  pristine parts of nature, where inner spaciousness is being
enhanced by a sense of wonder, adventure and gratefulness.
Whatever path one prefers,    from Advaita to Zen,    Nature is a help.
“Zen  is a  very natural  phenomenon.   It is not anti-life,   not escapist.
But most of the Zen masters have left their household life. Tired,
seeing no point in the marketplace,   they moved to the mountains.
It was not against the marketplace,  it was simply that the mountains
were more silent, more peaceful…”            from: The Zen Manifesto by Osho
You may have learnt to take first steps towards meditation in the marketplace.
Many sages  of ancient times   preferred to live  and meditate  in the forests,
for this environment is healing and helps to merge deeper into meditation.
Indeed – the forest is a meditation teacher itself.  After some time
you may not need to practise with a technique anymore. Yet
in the beginning it has been the golden key for many.
It’s easy if you really feel to give it a try!
Have a sip of this tea yourself!



 Quite often in the evenings:   jam-sessions, overtone singing,                                           
a night meditation under the starry sky  and other extras like                                                                                  
an occasional  classical concert  in some local  music Gurukul                                                                                   
Also:  Visit an original Ajurveda resort,  a Tibetan monastery                                                                                   
or practise your kind of Yoga  on enchanting mountain tops!




       Non commercial tours - basic cost sharing:
    just pay in proportion to actual costs including :
Food, vegetarian – restaurants, at the fireplace
Transport, most times by hired bus / local driver
Accommodation, - mainly in 3 star hotels , lodges,
 beach houses, forest dept. rest houses, under open sky
= between Euro 10 to max. 25.- per day/ participant     
     A three day tour will cost you about 40 Euro or 750 Rps. per day



Specific info / participation / enquirie - email me: musiciansmusic(at)

                                      Music - CD’s

is the meditation that has made more people in the world enlightened than any other, because it is the very essence.
All other meditations have the same essence, but in different forms; something non-essential is also joined with them.
But Vipassana is pure essence.”

Osho about Vipassana





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