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Signboard over the door of a Chaikhana in Anandapur:

Welcome everybody: fellow travellers, friends and foes,

connoisseurs, Dervishes, Rishis, Kavis, even plain thieves!

Entering this chaishop, please be comforted, have a cup of tea, some sweets

– or put an empty cup in your pocket –  we don’t mind here!

This tea is so good! May you benefit, knowingly or not!

Take some of our sweet poison,

-a small dose of it is considered to be a life giving elixir,

 drink of the immortals, gods and devils!

Welcome, once in a while,

whenever you feel like

a cup of tea!

Please enter





God - a guest in your shop

Serve him playfully like a child!
Your heart will shine like a rose
in the morning ..




They say that a poem, a rare meteor of words,
burns to ashes,
as it streaks past the reality sphere..
Yet purified ashes,
ever so slowly descending unto the human plane,
can fertilise, inspire to look in
for a reality beyond the obvious


‘Reality is a decoy
Fazl Inayath Khan




At the dawn of eternity,
cranes sailing - feathered elegance
If my gaze might have hit boundaries before -
it found infinite space in the dark of your eyes.
Brightly, swifter than light
we dive into each other’s luminous darkness
finding no ‘other’




der geist

jetzt grade ist er still,
... entspannt,
freut sich des lebens,
hat auch erkannt,
die zeichen geseh’n und nicht vergebens :

es geht um nichts im grossen weltenspiel,
der einzelne, er gilt und gilt nicht viel.
was zaehlt ist herzenspracht,
nicht geld, nicht macht.

die wahre pracht des herzens,
die helle pracht des scherzens,
die freude und die liebe
sind schonungslose diebe.
sie haben alle aengste geklaut,
-viel energie wird wieder frei,-
paranoia city ist abgebaut,
wir fliegen, wir fliegen,
we are the scy !



Mystic mountain

On the mystic mountain
there's a mystic fountain-
Come and drink and see,
have a sip of mystery

On the mystic mountain
there's a mystic fountain,
it holds a truth of surprise,
a truth that breaks all your ties

On your way to the mountain
don’t keep a thing with you,
if you just carry a grain of sand
the guardians wont let you through

Before you reach the fountain
you'll find a sign that says:
this is the temple of total ruin.
you pass with a total yes.

Come and die on the mountain of joy,
fly so high from the mountain of joy,
never come back, and if you do,
don’t say a word - only silence is true


klare Einsicht

sie kam im Hoffnungs-losen Fall
und sie war überall.
Lautlos wie Ultraschall,
Blitz aus dem All



Nibble at me*

Nibble at me.
Don’t gulp me down.
How often is it you have a guest in your house
who can fix everything?!


Heute ist Häutung,
tat tvam asi - neue Formlosigkeit,
lightmotif des anahad naad
then: ‚set the controls for the heart of the sun’,
now: relax all control, your heart is a sun !



‘Nothing but consciousness exists’

A busy mind is running in pains,
don’t jump on any of those trains,
get down that speed-addicted horse,
then: neither karma nor remorse

‘Nothing but consciousness exists’


An die Frauen und andere sentient beings

Entspannter geist, das herz ganz weit,
die dimension der offenheit -
sie kommt zur frau der fraulichkeit
und dies ohne betroffenheit

Sie liebt die welt, arglos und heiter,
unbekuemmert, frank und frei,
die lebensreise, die geht weiter,
für sie ist’s alles einerlei

Und immer weiter wird sie gehn,
seit vielen, vielen langen leben –
wir bleiben eben niemals stehn,
den stein der weisen wolln wir heben

Und auf die selt-samsten weisen
sind die figuren immer neu
und doch dieselben die da reisen,-
wir bleiben einem schicksal treu,
das wir nicht kennen, kennen sollen,
doch dessen goetter wir entwerfen,
nach einem unbewussten wollen –
so lasst uns unsre sinne schaerfen

Wir tauchen ein in nah und fern
es geht um liebe und ums sterben –
in jeder sonne, jedem stern
wir unser naechstes schicksal erben

Ganz tief, ganz innen in dem kreis
- hier ist kein ich, jedoch ein licht –
verstehn wir, was ein weiser weiss:
die einzige aussicht ist einsicht.




Sie sagte:
‚Lieber heute menschlich, als morgen goettlich.
Wirklich menschlich zu sein ist goettlich.’






If you cant sing it – don’t say it

Wir lieben

als abstrakte Lyrik, als oszillierendes Strömen
weit   und  durchlässig  für  die  Tiefen  des  Kosmos,
der sich durch Kontrast mit Sternen stärker im Bewusstsein entfaltet .

auf sanfter Bordun Dröhnung,

- sich wiegende Wogen in der Dünung des Daseins



Haridas to Tansen – free translation :

'Soon you will transcend the small music,
the boys, toys and noise stage.
By being aware of the mind acutely,
how it creates and promotes shadows, the personality,
- just by watching how it works-
you will be freed of it, its impulsive reactions.
The mask will have less and less hold on you.

Once even that is but a faint memory,
the Big Music will claim you,
and from that moment on you will not do,
not conceptualise any music.
Just a no-sound orchestra will be left..'






The wind was heard whispering
Did we hear the wind whispering,
did we hear the springs murmuring,
did we hear the mountains breathing,
did we hear a forest’s ancient message,
did we hear a heart’s loving silence,
did we hear a soundless sound,
did we listen, understand?






Listening to Auratone






Sein Haus in der Freude aufschlagen,
das Dasein neu begreifen,
sich als Instrument entdecken, spielen,
Konturen eines Pinselschwungs,
fliessendes Bewegen -








doors of unknowing
radio channel zero,
Elfenmusik, woven from silksound,
completely transparent and soft like a breeze:
a curtain at the doors of unknowing


Rabia al Adabya
Irak, 8th century

It acts like love*

It acts like love – music,
it reaches toward the face, caresses it
announces His promise: that all will be all right

It acts like love – music,
and tells the feet:’ Shake off your heaviness!’

My body is full of wounds
caused by living in this world,
but I still longed to kiss God, even when he said:

‘First kiss the hand that caused each scar,
for you will not find me until you do’.

It does that -music- helps us
to forgive

One’s mind *

He was too shy to sing,
but I taught

The sky’s voice is such that
one’s mind must be very quiet
to hear






A day of Silence
Can be a pilgrimage in itself.
A day of Silence
Can help you listen
To the Soul play
Its marvellous lute and drum.
Is not most talking
A crazed defence of a crumbling fort?
I thought we came here
To surrender in Silence,
To yield to Light and Happiness,
To Dance within
In celebration of Love’s Victory!

St. Thomas Aquinas

The Pulse of God*

..In the meadows my spirit becomes so quiet
that if I put my cheek against the earth’s body
I feel the pulse of God…

(I said to the birds in the trees:)

“tell me the way you do that, birds-
enter the private chambers of my Lord”

and they all sang,
they just

I gathered it was time to become a musician,
and I did.

Years passed,
and the sky reached down one day and lifted me;
the birds noticed and

‘How do you enter the sun like that
and know the pulse of



summo, ergo sum.
summa summarum:
das universum summt



‘sabbo loco pakampito, pakampito’
the entire world is sounding, vibrating.
The Buddha


Universal Buddham,
Undivided Sangam,
Indivisible Dhammam -
Sharanam Gachchami


‘ To find a living Buddha, a master,
is a rare fortune. To be accepted
as a disciple, a friend, -
an immense blessing.’


open secret
‘a master helps your innermost secret,
Te, life-spirit, to reveal itself.’ Wu Tse


master – disciple link
‘I am available to you,
and I will remain as available forever..
with my (disciples) I am individually linked.
It is not a question that you belong
to an organization..
.. it is a love affair.’


on religious organisations
‘god sent his messengers to
bring religion to the world -
and the devil made
institutions out of them’


midwife - master
‘A Master's house is just a training place
where you get ready,
but it is not the final home.
It is where you get ready,
and then the Master throws you
into the sky
because there is the final home,
in total freedom – in moksha….
and if you look back
you will not find him any more,
he will not be there –
with the Divine you have to be alone.
The work of the Master is completed.’




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Acknowledgements :
5 poems with a * (right side of page) are excerpts from: 
Love letters from God ,
Twelve Sacred voices from the East and West.
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky, published by
Penguin Books 

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All photos taken in the South Indian Ghats - with exception of  
 (2)  Indian musicians: Bombay concert photo from Deccan Herald Jan. ‘05, Maihar Orchestra from Frontline Magazine Feb.’03
(3)  except poems marked with a * , as acknowledged above